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An inbound digital marketing strategy will drive website traffic, improve lead volumes and deliver conversion rates with a higher return on investment.


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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing that relies on pulling new clients in, rather than pushing your products and services at them.

The inbound marketing methodology aims to grow your business better, and faster, by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. Quality content attracts people to your website, and personalised service keeps them coming back to learn more until they’re ready to purchase from you.

What does an inbound agency do?

As your agency, we handle your inbound marketing, web design & development, email marketing, content marketing, PPC and social media advertising and more. We’re your in-house marketing department for strategy, your web developer, your graphic designers.

An inbound marketing strategy can include a number of different channels and types of content to attract prospects and customers to your website. How you proceed depends on where your business is at and what your goals are.

Our service model and pricing plans are built around the Hubspot platform as the central component to track success and deliver tools such as CRM, power tools like live chat, your email campaign delivery, lead flows and more.

What does a monthly retainer typically include?

Depending on your retainer plan - Starter or Professional and your Hubspot subscription, some typical activity you will see each month includes a combination of:

  • Website content production
  • Social media content publishing
  • Email campaigns
  • Premium content production ( infographics, downloadable guides, information sheets etc.)
  • Landing page production
  • Ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other places
  • Marketing automation management
  • CRM implementation and marketing-sales handoff consulting
  • Lead scoring
  • Monthly analytics reporting and analysis

Stages of Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing flywheel is the newest way of conceptualising how inbound marketing works as a methodology. It puts the customer front and center and helps you maintain momentum rather than thinking of each customer having a specific start and endpoint with your company. The inbound flywheel highlights three specific stages, with inbound marketing tactics to support each stage:

Stage 1


Our goal in the attract stage is to draw more visitors to your site, introduce them to the product or service you offer, and answer any questions they may have about it.

SEO for organic traffic, PPC for paid traffic from Google, LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns, social media posts, and product information that solves a buyer persona’s pain points will all work to attract qualified leads to your site.

Stage 1

Stage 2


You’ve attracted visitors in. Now you’ve got to talk to them. The engage stage is all about connecting with visitors in a specific, personalised way that offers them the best experience possible.

People have their own preferences on how they like to engage online. Live Chat, quote forms, call-back requests. We'll be utilising all options to ensure we meet the needs of your website visitors.

When a visitor engages on your website, they will automatically be added to your CRM environment and depending on who they are, why they are there and where they came from, the inbound marketing tools kick into action with automation to convert leads to customers.

Stage 2

Stage 3


That new client is your new brand advocate, promoter and best source of referral business.

Continue to delight customers with the highest calibre service and content that helps them better use your product and engage positively with your company.

Can you make it easier for them to say that they liked your company? Make it easier with Google Reviews, a satisfaction survey 6 weeks after the sale will give you the ability to collate data on customer satisfaction and promote it.

Stage 3


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