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HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.



What is Hubspot?

HubSpot is a full sales and marketing solution that enables businesses to streamline processes, optimise campaigns and take engagement to a new level. Keep track of literally everything you could ever need in your marketing and sales processes.

HubSpot does this by bringing together a variety of functionalities and allowing marketing and sales departments to manage all their activities in one place. This includes content creation, social media managemnt, workflow automation, lead capture, customer relationship management, sales pipeline mapping and performance tracking.

But while it's relatively simple to use the basics of HubSpot, it takes a team of experts to truly get the most out of your investment into the platform. That's where we come in.

HubSpot Implementation

HubSpot is an incredibly powerful sales and marketing platform. But any software is only ever as good as its implementation. A well-planned and executed HubSpot implementation tailored to your specific business, is the best way to ensure a smooth transition and maximum ROI.

Your first 90 days is focused on set-up and implementation. We'll start by helping you determine the Hubspot Package best suited to your needs.

Implementation typically includes:

  • Data migration and imports
  • Design & build email templates for campaigns
  • Design & build landing page templates
  • Integrate your website for tracking
  • Set up your blog & import existing blog articles
  • Set up Workflows
  • Create Personas
  • Connect your social media accounts
  • SEO review
  • Connect Google ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads
  • Set up live chat & chatbots
  • Set up your staff profiles
  • General onboarding and assistance
  • DNS changes

HubSpot Automation

Leverage our extensive HubSpot experience to deliver innovative and advanced solutions that help achieve your business goals. Our team uses HubSpot every day, whether we're building websites, creating content, managing social media activity or supporting sales activities. We are experts on using the platform, and we test every HubSpot tool within our agency before rolling it out to customers.

Implementation typically includes:

  • Workflows to automate common tasks
  • Automate delivery of your FSG for every new contact 
  • Sequences
  • Calendar Integration
  • Integrate Outlook/Gmail 
  • Integrate your website, Hubspot and Zapier
  • Automate recurring or mundane tasks to save time for sales staff
  • Online forms 
  • SMS integration with Message Media
  • Manage all social media platforms in one place
  • Manage Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads - all in one place
  • Sales to account manager handoff processes
  • Automatically create contact records when a prospect engages on your website whether from live chat, a form or download
  • Track online sales, create reminders with fixed timeframes

Purchasing HubSpot

As well as advice on what you need to purchase, we can generally negotiate pricing on your behalf. And the HubSpot Onboarding fees charged by HubSpot to direct customers are waived if you are a client of Bark Productions. This is a $4k+ saving on the Marketing Professional subscription alone.

Start Growing With HubSpot Today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with HubSpot has never been easier.

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HubSpot is a complete CRM platform with all the tools you need to grow better - whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website.


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