Set up cost is $650.00 + GST and includes 1 form. Additional forms are

  • $350.00 + GST each.
  • + 5 for $1250
  • all (+10) for $2000

Licence and renewals.

We use Gravity Forms to develop online forms, our developer licence allows us to use the software on multiple websites. We cover the ongoing cost for the licence. You may not duplicate any forms to use on another WordPress installation or use our licence key except on the forms we have installed on your website.

The Geo Locator plugin used on various forms (EG motor, crop) attracts an annual fee of $50.00 + GST. The 1st year is included in the initial build costs. 1st renewal changed on anniversary.

Gravity forms and any other plugins need your Wordpress Core software using the latest available version. We offer a site support and management plan to ensure that your website software is up to date, please see for details.

We will need to review your website to ensure compatibility before commencing the installation. We will require a WordPress Admin login and server access details for the compatibility review.