Having a Company Page on LinkedIn is essential. It gives you the opportunity to take part in conversations important to your brand, engage with & grow your audience, and leverage your current employees to spread your message.

Your Company LinkedIn page should be geared for both prospective customers and prospective employees to access information and form an opinion on your company. As such, it is a truly unique space on the web, one that blurs the lines between knowledge sharing platform and relationship-building tool.

We can create your Company LinkedIn page and customise it with your branding. From there, you should be posting content about your company, your industry a dn the services that you provide.

Bark Productions can provide either a set up only service to go with your website development or ongoing management can be an inclusion in your retainer package.

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Of all the social media sites, LinkedIn is one of the most underrated and underused. This is despite it having over 8 million users in Australia.

LinkedIn is unique in the sense that it encourages users to provide as much data about themselves as possible. However, unlike Facebook, which encourages you to do it for social reasons, LinkedIn users provide their information for hiring purposes. This means that the information is more readily available, allowing you target prospects based on


Education history

Work history

Job title

Years of experience

Their connections

Advertising options are quite varied, allowing you to create ads for a variety of purposes. You can use it to hire new talent, become an industry leader, or to sell your company’s products or services to teams or management leaders who would benefit.

A LinkedIn Advertising campaign starts with identifying your target market, creating custom content, increase exposure of your profile and content and clicks through to your website or landing pages.

LinkedIn ads can be

Targeted ads by demographic, profession, job type etc

Targeted ads by placement

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