Project Description

Steadfast Underwriting Agencies (SUA) is the largest underwriting agency group in Australia. Agencies within the group act on behalf of insurers to design, develop and provide specialised insurance products and services. Each agency is focused on a specific market segment, providing brokers with a comprehensive suite of specialist insurance products to offer their clients.

BARK was commissioned to design the new SUA website. Our brief was to engage the rapidly increasing audience of this fast-growing company with a practical, accessible, and informative website.

The resulting site does just that; a home page that clearly introduces each of the agencies in the group and with one click, open the page that displays their specialist product offerings and contact details. With latest news updates on the site, and a custom developed app, Steadfast Underwriting Agencies are clearly in the spotlight.

Take a tour of SUA’s site

BARK approached SUA with concept for an app to be used by brokers within the Steadfast network. The concept accepted and developed by the BARK team with both iOS and Android apps now heavily used within the broking community.